13 Key Features For Your eCommerce Website

The most important factor of your online store to be success is having a perfect eCommerce website. In addition to the need of potential Sydney customers to be able to find you quickly in Google search, the web site must keep the client interested further drilling in to the website once landed. This is no difference whether you use Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento or any other.

This objective requires your website design company to be experts in visual design and user experience, strong technical experts for web development, and have grounded experience in eCommerce. Together these guarantee compliance in marketing legal services and a skillfully interaction with your firm’s internal dynamics in order to deliver your website goals.

These goals include producing an aesthetically beautiful presentation, a fluid and intuitive user experience for your clients and colleagues and, tying it all together, a story to convert highly promising leads. Whether it be new business for your law firm or high quality students and career applicants.

13 Key Features to a Strong eCommerce Website

Your online store website structure comprises of two core parts: the centralized site representing the products you sell and the other content such as blogs, contact us etc to market your brand. Your web design agency should deliver all of this using these 13 areas.  Which are the most important features for your eCommerce website design:

1. Branding

Your eCommerce website must showcase your brand name, product range, target customer base in a clean, modern manner. In fact, 2 out of 3 website visitors prefer viewing a beautiful looking website. But your agency must also guarantee that the website’s user experience is void of difficulty, and provides a clear path for the visitor. The goal is to intimately connect the visitor to your brand and to freely enable them to find products or services.

2. eCommerce Technology

The effectiveness of your website is contingent on the technology delivering it to your clients and colleagues alike. The website front-end must use responsive web design to adapt to different devices and screen-resolutions (laptops, phones, etc). Its back-end architecture must be powerful enough to drive a feature-rich website, but it must also be accessible enough so that your staff can easily manage and update its content without having to escalate it to your agency or IT staff.

3. Website Design & Optimization Tools

Though essential, beautiful aesthetics aren’t enough. Your website must support your business goals, which might include integrating Australia Post shipping cost calculator or retaining your customer details to send out product promotions. Which can eventually improve the customer experience and help your product marketing.

4. eCommerce Integrations

Building upon the back-end functions, your new website should be able to integrate with your existing software or systems in use. It could be a simple excel sheet to more complex SAP. (Enterprise Resource Planning Software). Including payment gateways such as eWay.

5. Online Shop Legal Rules

Since your website is handling financial transaction and storing customer information, it is absolutely essential that it comply with the Australian consumer laws. Your web design agency will guarantee that your website complies with the regulations governing how you are and aren’t allowed to sell or ship your products.

6. eCommerce Security

Security is integral. You have confidential client information on your website and perform financial transactions, even if it’s just form data being captured from leads, so therefore you should have zero tolerance for digital vulnerabilities and other liabilities costly to your brand and bottom-line. Your web design company will fuse beautiful front-end design with airtight security measures, such as hardened servers, encryption, firewalls and compliance with modern web security standards.

7. User Experience

Aesthetics aren’t the only element of website design – an appealing front-end is useless if the user experience fails in fulfilling your user’s goals. Your website must be easy to navigate, empowering both clients and colleagues to readily use it. People today have more going on than ever before, and their attention spans are limited. They should be able to quickly navigate to the product they want in as little time as possible, with as little clicks as possible. If your web design agency fails in this respect, then it will adversely impact your brand.

8. Website Design

Your website’s design is a blend of its unique aesthetic appeal, user experience quality and depth of useful content. Is your website design agency fusing these elements in a way that best represents your eCommerce business brand, credibility and achievements? Is the website visitor appreciating the quality and the price of the product, and are these reflected in the overall visual appeal?

9. Audience

Is your website attracting the customers you want? Your agency must ensure that the right content is available and – through an excellent user experience – be accessible to visitors.

10. Web Content

When you are running your business, It is unlikely to find any time to write any content. Your clients search your web site for information such as shipping policy, return policy, warranty, troubleshooting etc. It is important that your web design agency keep all the content up to date and easily searchable for customers.

11. Photography & Video

The best presentation of your products is quality photos of the actual products.   And some video of your products will definitely improve the overall appearance of the website.

12. Optimized for SEO

Through search engine optimization (SEO), your business can draw traffic from people seeking your products out on search engines such as Google. If a potential client is looking for a product, an SEO-optimized website will bring that lead to your online store. Solid inbound marketing strategies will save your firm on marketing costs while also drawing interested visitors to your website.

13. Making the Right Choice

Your website should be a rich resource for generating leads and converting them into clients. It should distinguish your online business and establish its credibility in the industry. Select an agency that brings industry-leading technical skill, a bevy of eCommerce industry experience and an unyielding desire to position its clients for success.

Implementing the most important features of your eCommerce website is no small feat, It’s important to work with a web design agency that’s fully-equipped to excel in every one of the above requirements.

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