Build A WordPress Website

Do you think that you don’t know how to build a WordPress website? or you don’t have that technical / computer skills to build your own website? This simple guide will show you how you can build your own website without spending thousands of dollars. You may build your own website for a really cheap price as low as for $50.


1. Purchase web hosting and a domain name

Extrateq recommends Sydney based ( Closest to your customer base) web hosting provider. This will guarantee best server performance when a Sydney client visits your website. And you can purchase the domain name from the same service provider which makes your life much easier when setting up your website. If not you will have to change your name servers to point to you hosting provider. Which we will discuss in another article.


2. Access the cPanel File Manager

Once you purchased web hosting and a domain name you will be able to login to your web hosting account using the same username / password which was used to create your account. Then you will be able to access the cPanel which is basically control panel / dashboard of your website. On the top right hand corner you will find the File Manage where we will store all our WordPress website files.

cPanel File manager of your web hosting.


3.Install WordPress

Download the latest version of WordPress from the official website.  Then upload this zip file to file manager / pubic_html folder and extract the files. Open the extracted WordPress folder and select all the files inside that folder.  Selected files should looks similar to below.

Wordpress installation files after extracting the zip file.

Move all the files to sit under public_html folder. You may delete the zip file and the empty WordPress folder if needed.


4. Create The Database

Go back to your cPanel and open MySQL Databases.

creating the database for the wordpress website.

Then you can create a new database and then a new user. Remember to write down / copy to notepad the database name, username and password. Then add the new user to the database and assign all the privileges to the user.


5. Setup WordPress

On your browser enter “your_domain_ name/wp-admin”. If you have followed everything right you will see below page.

Wordpress welcome page you see when you type your domain name / wp-admin on the address bar.


On the next screen, you need to enter the previously noted down information. Database name, username & password. Then the next screen will let you run the installation.

That’s all. Now you have installed your WordPress website. We will discuss how to further develop your website in another article.

If you need further support please contact us.


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