Cloud Solutions

Conversations regarding the cloud have evolved significantly – from being merely about cost optimization and improved agility and scale, to being about the cloud’s role as a key enabler of transformation in today’s enterprise. Customers are looking to the cloud to enable them to deliver business resilience, help transform into a leading digital enterprise and deliver consistent sustainable growth. Given this, the business world is witnessing a mad dash to the cloud. In this haste to stay competitive, enterprises find themselves at different stages of the cloud adoption journey, with some thriving and others still making sense of the investments they’ve made.

Extrateq brings its engineering expertise in cloud transformation to provide an array of services – such as digital infrastructure, analytics and intelligence, customer experience, applications, DevOps, and security – to help companies build their digital enterprise of tomorrow. We’re helping customers use the cloud to deliver futuristic healthcare using connected home devices, improve employee safety.

Cloud Solutions

From enterprises just starting off on their cloud migration journey to those looking to significantly improve the value they get from their current cloud investments, Extrateq is the ideal partner to help engineer the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

Cloud Migration solutions

  • Cloud migrations are complex procedures with no one-size-fits-all approach. Virtusa thoroughly evaluates your current IT landscape using state-of-the-art tools and, combined with our experience from large scale cloud migrations, builds a comprehensive roadmap for your cloud journey. Leveraging this assessment and roadmap, we ensure the rapid and successful migration of applications, data, VMs, and more to the cloud environment of your choice with minimum disruption to business operations. We lean on our proven cloud migration factory to deliver large scale migration using automated tools to significantly reduce the time taken to migrate and to secure any migration effort.

Cloud security services

  • As more and more companies move their data, applications and critical workloads to the cloud, ensuring that the appropriate security guidelines and compliances are in place is critical. With a perpetually evolving cyber threat landscape, Virtusa helps enterprises run their operations in a secure manner on the cloud. Virtusa offers end-to-end cloud security assessments, security management for apps, data, APIs, and secure migration and operations services

Cloud native transformation

The introduction of cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way companies develop software. With the advent of container-based environments, enterprises are leveraging cloud-native technologies to build and run applications on the cloud. These technologies are also being used to rapidly deploy microservices and ensure continuous innovation and delivery through DevOps. Virtusa helps enterprises make sense of cloud native technologies to stay competitive in the market.

Cloud managed services

Extrateq runs your cloud better. We are the next-gen Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help organizations design, migrate, run, manage, and optimize app, infrastructure, and data on the cloud. We provide end-to-end managed cloud services, cloud operations design, tried-and-tested target operating models, and best-of-breed tools for security and cost optimization.

Cloud SaaS

Unlock opportunities to drive growth and innovation leveraging either leading third party applications or home-grown applications from Virtusa. Our solutions have been built with the awareness that cloud computing is not only about lower cost and enhancing performance, but also about discovering new ways of working, unearthing value from data, and creating a seamless environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Cloud data and analytics

Cloud native data and analytics enable new capabilities, improve performance, and increase scale at a reduced cost. We help in building EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms using cloud native data and analytical services offered by AWS, GCP, Azure and Snowflake.

We help build data ingestion, reliable data pipelines, data warehouses, data lakes, and advanced analytics on all leading cloud platforms leveraging the cloud native data and analytics services offered by CSPs. Also, we have pretrained AI models (BFS and Healthcare) in the marketplace.