How Much Does A Website Cost in Sydney?

Is getting a website built is cheap or expensive?

One of the most common question many of us have, but could you find a satisfying answer yet. Here at Extrateq, we will give you a clear understanding of the costs involved with building a website.

To get a better understanding let’s breakdown the steps in the web designing process.

  1. Domain Registration – $15
  2. Web site hosting – $60
  3. Email account and hosting – $36
  4. Web design & development cost – $1000
  5. Maintenance

Domain registration

Domain registration starts from as little as $5 a year. In most cases you are looking at $15 a year to buy an domain based on the availability. And $20 a year to buy .com domain.

Web hosting

We recommend paying attention to the location of the server when choosing the hosting provider. Make sure that you choose the one nearest to your customer base as this will speed up your web site speed index. A reliable and fast web hosting package starts around $120 a year. But most of the web hosting packages include 50% discount for the first year. So you are looking at around $60 for the first year of web hosting.


To have a paid email account is optional since you can use a email something like “”. But this is sure to boost your brand with a professional email ending with your domain name. To get an email account ending with your domain name, you are looking at around $36 a year. You can easily configure this in your desktop or laptop with MS Outlook or on our mobile device with mail app. Alternatively you can access your email from the web portal provided by the Email hosting service provider.

Web design and development

Hmm.. this is the tricky part and where we can help you to meet your budget. Web design services varies vastly based on how complex your web site back end and how elegant your website need to be. Most of the time you don’t need a top end web designer for a startup. We can easily put together a complete static website with 4 to 5 pages for $1000 and an eCommerce or an online shop for about $2000. In regards to eCommerce websites, if you decided to build your website with a platform like Shopify ( this is our recommendation) there is monthly fee starting at USD 29. Said that if you think that you don’t want to pay this monthly fee we have another option with no monthly fees. Please get in touch with us for more information on this.

Regular Maintenance

Once the website is up and running, there is minimal maintenance is required. But remember, you need to add / update your content in regular basis so all the information on your website is relevant and up to date. If not gain any organic SEO ranking. We provide complementary services for a small changes for free. If you need to add a new page or major modification to a new page it will cost you around $125 per page. We will provide you a detail quotation for any of the modification you request before commencing any work.

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