10 Myths That Ruin Your Website Experience

There is no doubt that the use of mobile phones is increasing, and people use smart phones at very important moments every day. It defines related industries such as website design and web development. However, the availability of large amounts of information (most of which are unproven) makes it difficult to see through myths and misunderstandings. As an experienced web design agency in Penrith, western Sydney,, we boldly debunk some of the most popular myths that may ruin your mobile website user experience.


  1. Web designers and users have the same idea

We will expose this directly, because you know it is true. The most important and basic principle of user-centered design is very simple-you are not your user. Whether you run a web design agency or a freelancer, you are likely to be familiar with it. However, many people tend to forget this, and they project their actions and reactions onto users. Although this idea is tempting, it is equally harmful. It will not do you any good to peel it off.

  1. Mobile phone users are always busy

As a professional mobile friendly web design company, we cannot tell you how many of our customers think that responsive websites are good only because their users are on the go. Of course, there are times when your mobile users are indeed moving. For example, when they travel to work or similar things. However, in reality, people tend to use mobile phones in many situations. For example, in 2018, Google found that 60% of smartphone use occurred when people were at home. In other words, you should also consider the fact that mobile users are static and take this into consideration in your design. We have published an article that contains some of the hottest trends in mobile user interface design in 20120, let’s take a look.

  1. Creativity is always a must in web design


This may be the slogan of other web design companies. Many website designers tend to believe that if they rethink some core design conventions, they can create something that is truly memorable for users. Although there is nothing wrong with creativity, it is important to know that for many problems, solutions already exist. More importantly, people tend to like familiar experiences. In addition, the process of breaking design conventions is often frustrating and ultimately leads to an unpleasant website user experience.

  1. Good websites allow design compromises

“My websites are great, they don’t need to be displayed well. These are beyond the designers’ ability to bear. But it will happen. You can’t imagine how many amazing websites fall into us as a modern web design studio. In the hand, it says “It’s already great, it doesn’t need much work. ” Although an amazing website is definitely one of the most important considerations, its packaging is also essential. It means sales. Remember this.

  1. Web design and website development are the same

It is painful to say that, but many website design companies and professionals usually tend to combine website design and web development. However, in reality, the web design is only a small part of the web development puzzle. Of course, this is a very important part, but it is also part anyway. Think of web design as a component, an important part of the entire web development journey. It is something you can’t live without, but it is only a component.

  1. Web sites are independent experiences

Many developers and web design studios tend to think that web designs are an isolated experience and do not need to be further integrated with other channels. The reality is that users want a perfect and seamless in all channels Experience. In other words, you need to make sure that the phone is only part of the overall design, and all designs are a medium for delivering a perfect experience. Indeed, people often start their journey with their mobile phones. This is because it is usually the easiest device to reach and use. However, you need to ensure that continuity is achieved.

  1. Blank space is a waste of space

Website interface design requires a combination of multiple methods. It is painful to see how many people do not understand the importance of whitespace. In one of our articles, we provide 5 tips that can greatly improve the user experience of your website, and we emphasize the overall utility and benefits of using blanks.

There are many benefits to using a certain amount of whitespace, including:

  • Improve understanding of content
  • Increase the priority of content
  • Improve readability
  • Concentrated attention
  1. The user is always online

In an interconnected world like ours, it is easy to assume that users are always online. However, ubiquitous connections are not always what users are used to. Although this may be the case in the Australia, it is certainly not the case in the world. For example, websites appearing on the basic market need to have the ability to perform well when the Internet connection is threatened and slow. Of course, you should consider this issue based on a preliminary audience analysis.

  1. The more features the better

This is not necessarily true. Many developers and web design agencies try to include as many features as possible in websites. Remember, more is not always appropriate. You have to consider the fact that, after all, this is a website you are creating for a targeted audience, not for the everyone living on the planet.. Therefore, you need to make it as focused as possible. Take a look at Facebook website. This is a good example of how the most important functions are properly transitioned, but not all functions exist in these two areas.

  1. You need SEO consultant as soon as Web site is launched

Some people think they need to hire a SEO agency during web design and development stage. It could be the case with other companies, but with Extrateq, we build SEO ready websites. And provide free SEO consultation based on the package you choose. Our website ranks in Google and other search engines quite easily and you will have enough time to understand which key words you need to focus on to bring your website top of Google search.

in conclusion

The design and development of websites is usually a challenging process. In addition, the plethora of available but unverified information makes it easy for you to stick to practices that you might think are not working. We recommend taking a look at the essential design techniques and keeping them in mind to ensure the smoothness and functionality of the website.

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