5 Website Design Tricks to Grow your Business Fast


5 Website Design Tricks to Grow your Business Fast

Your website is your brand. It should be presented in the most attractive way. And should deliver results such as more website visitors and inquiries. Your website should be user friendly for both desktop / laptop and mobile, responsive and straightforward to create a positive impression for visitors, taking them to the next step of getting in touch with you.

There are many things to focus on in order to stand out from the high competition within the Sydney crowd. These are must have website design tricks that will push you up to achieve more leads and bring quick success to your business.

1. Animations

Being creative is the best way to stand off.  These can make it appear automatically as the user scrolls.As an example a slider.  Or using a “call to action” element. Such as a button. These animations on your website quickly grabs visitors attention and memes them to browse more through your website. Eventually this creates more leads and to retain / expand your customer base.

2. Live Chat

Another trending add on to your website is a Live chat. This has become an “must have” tool to convert website visitors to customers. Your potential customers might not know how to reach out to you unless you start the conversation first. If interested, people will most likely reply back, and you might quickly get a new customer. Initiate a discussion. Allow them to ask questions and offer help. This way your web visitors and understand your business better. This is a fast and convenient tool for every website.

3. Contact Form

This is the ideal place where all the visitors must end up in. The contact form should be visible not only on your “contact us” page. But also on your home page and preferably every other landing page. You need to provide easy access to people with any questions or concerns they may have. According to website design tricks, forms should be simple, short and straightforward.

4. Attractive Colors

You might have a preferred color in your mind. But do you think that’s the best color for your brand? Colours are extremely important. It doesn’t matter how cool features you have without matching / blending colors in your web design. Choose the color that represents your brand in the best possible way and use this color on your website. Colors create a powerful tool in web design and can help your brand to tell its story. Extrateq is happy to help you If you are not sure what to use or need an opinion on the color you have in mind.

5. Videos

Do you like reading a 3000 words long article?. Or prefer to watch 1 to 2 minute video. Video is such a great tool when delivering your message in a shortest possible time and most attractive way. Adding videos into your site could give a quick face lift to your website. A video could be a beneficial presentation of your brand, and you could show products/services you offer or focus on the tutorial-like theme. Whatever the topic is, make sure it’s entertaining as well as related to your business. These videos need to be high quality and work on all devices.

No matter what your business is, investing in good website design is always a wise idea. Take advantage of different website design tricks to create success for your brand. Pay attention to website performance such as speed as it makes a significant difference for users that might become customers. Make sure you give visitors the information they are looking for and create calls to action to get them in touch with you quickly and easily. Contact us to learn more.